A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.

To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.

Head Trainer and Owner

Kru Neil

Neil Chaitchaiyan is a retired professional Muay Thai fighter with 30 years experience and the head Kru of Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym. By the age of 14 Neil began his career in Competition Muay Thai and by the young age of 16 he was already fighting in big name venues all around the U.S and Thailand against men twice his age. Before his retirement Kru Neil was invited back to Thailand to compete at the famous Lumpinee Stadium for the Super Middleweight Championship title which he was awarded after his big win.

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Trainer – Muay Thai

David ‘The Predator’ Trujillo

David’s journey in the world of Muay Thai began several years ago when he found himself drawn to the art’s raw power and grace. As he immersed himself in the sport, it became evident that Muay Thai was more than just a combat discipline for him – it was a way of life. Driven by an unyielding passion for the sport, David’s determination led him to become a fierce competitor in the amateur league, showcasing his skills and leaving a lasting impression on opponents and spectators alike.

Before joining our esteemed team of trainers, David honed his craft at MTKG gym for an impressive four years. It was there that he not only sharpened his fighting abilities but also developed a profound appreciation for the community and camaraderie that MTK Gym fosters. Now, with a wealth of experience and knowledge under his belt, David is eager to share his expertise and love for the sport with the masses.

Trainer – Muay Thai

Edmond Mermeyman

Meet Edmond Mermeyman, a seasoned Muay Thai Trainer hailing from the rich cultural heritage of Armenia. With an impressive 15 years of martial arts experience under his belt, Edmond’s dedication to the art of Muay Thai is unparalleled. He has become a beacon of inspiration for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, igniting their passion for this ancient combat sport.

For Edmond, training has always been more than just a physical pursuit. From a young age, he discovered an undeniable sense of purpose in the world of martial arts. It became a profound way for him to connect with his inner self, channeling his energy and discipline to grow both mentally and spiritually. This personal transformation fueled his desire to share the magic of Muay Thai with others.