Is Kickboxing Better Than Boxing? Blog Cover

A question that has gone around in many conversation circles – from experienced sports practitioners to youngsters wondering what would serve them better in a street brawl – is the difference or superiority of Kickboxing versus Boxing

This might or might not come as a surprise – but there is no clear “winner” between these two practices. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages based on what you are looking for. So we have decided to break it down depending on various factors.


Is Kickboxing Better Than Boxing? Blog Cover


If you want to learn how to fight with various parts of your body – Kickboxing is Better Than Boxing

The chief advantage kickboxing has over boxing is its range of tools. Kickboxers train their hands, feet, elbow, knees and sometimes heads as weapons for striking. Not only do they learn how to use those weapons, but they also learn how to defend against them. The rules of Boxing limits the use of other body parts much more than Kickboxing does. So if you train yourself in Kickboxing, you learn how to defend and strike in a more broad manner than in Boxing.


If you want to be a Master of Punches- Boxing is Better Than Kickboxing

The advantage of engaging one movement or action like a punch over others is that you can build strength and dexterity in your fists with your punches. A skilled boxer can punch so well that Boxing was the only western martial art to impress Bruce Lee enough to incorporate its concepts in his martial art Jeet Kune Do. You will learn how to isolate your movement and channel all your strength into this one move, so if you want to be able to knock someone out in a single move, boxing would be the choice for you. 


If you want something that would make a fun workout – Kickboxing is Better Than Boxing

The versatile approach of Kickboxing appeals to many people because it is not as “aggressive” as Boxing may be. Many people are drawn to Kickboxing for the benefits it brings if one wants to do Cardio but is not particularly interested in the potentially violent aspects of the craft. That is not to say Boxing is overly violent – but if you want to prioritize the exercise over the impact then Kickboxing would be the way for you. 


If you want to Float like a Butterfly – Boxing Better Than Kickboxing

Boxers also tend to be faster than kickboxers, again owing to the necessity of defending against the lightning fast jabs of their training partners. Footwork is imperative to being a skilled Boxer – the way they move has been compared to the lightness of dancers, and the speed of your movement at many times is what saves you from receiving a KO out of nowhere. You will have your reflexes trained and honed, which definitely has benefits outside of the ring too.


General Advantages of both Kickboxing and Boxing

The Advantages of both Kickboxing and Boxing overlap tremendously as well. Both include rigorous physical training to make attacks hit harder and to help the athlete absorb damage. Perhaps most importantly, boxers and kickboxers spend time getting hit. That means they can take a blow just as well as they give it, which can be the deciding factor between two skilled fighters. Many Muay Thai gyms right here in Los Angeles and Van Nuys also provide similar training. 


General Disadvantages of both Kickboxing and Boxing

Both martial arts also carry their own disadvantages, based on what it is you are looking for. Many times, people take up martial arts to defend themselves in the event of a physical altercation in real life. However, the reality is very different both inside and outside of the ring. As both forms are practiced as sports, and sports follow rules, rules do not exist in street defense situations. For example, kicks to the groin, although very common in a street fight, are not allowed in boxing or kickboxing. Thus neither teaches how to deliver or defend against any form of “dirty” fighting techniques, like eye gouging, biting, attacks to the throat or any kind of ground defense

For women who are stuck in abusive situations, or who want to be able to defend themselves against attackers, the training might help her get away faster, but she still might not be able to “win”against her opponent as many times, the person would be a lot bigger and stronger – unlike in the ring where fighters are matched up according to physical compatibility. 

So at the end of the day, you cannot really go wrong between both Kickboxing and Boxing – neither is largely better than the other, and you can gain good benefits from either. Other forms of martial arts can also be considered. 

For example Muay Thai is a step up from regular kickboxing in terms of the speed and tactics used for the combat. Coupled with the rich Thai history that comes with this artform, which prioritizes discipline and mutual respect –  a lot of internal benefits that help with mental health. There are many Muay Thai gyms and martial arts schools in Los Angeles and Van Nuys who can cater to what you are looking for. 

Brazilian JiuJitsu is an often overlooked martial art because what it lacks in impact and force, it makes up for in skilled, strategic tumbling and moving. A lot of this sport takes place on the ground, when opponents are already grappling with one another. If you are looking for real-word applications of Jiu Jitsu, it can be particularly helpful when you are trapped underneath another person or if someone already has you in some kind of hold. This martial art teaches you not only to get out of these binds, but to also destabilize your opponent. 


Is Kickboxing Better Than Boxing? Review

Whether you like boxing or kickboxing more, that’s totally up to you! But, what we can tell you is that, if you are looking for a great Kickboxing/Muay Thai Gym, we’ve got your back!

Visit us today at MTK Gym – and let’s have a chat about your goals!

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